Technical characteristics

      Shanghai IRM Touch Technology Co., Ltd.(IRM Touch Inc.)It is a high-tech enterprise with the world's leading infrared multi touch technology.Promoting the application of the infrared touch screen in the modern information field with the spirit of high concentration and continuous innovation.Provide a full range of industry - class infrared multi - touch screen solutions.

      IRMTouch The independent research and development of the infrared multi touch screen, with a number of technology patents in the field of multi touch infrared touch.The products are certified by CE, FCC and Rohs.

      The traditional infrared touch detection model is a rectangular coordinate system.The emitter and the receiver are arranged in one set.The rays are perpendicular to the launching axis or the receiving axis.The touch point is determined by detecting the blocked rays.But there are obvious limitations.When the emitter or receiver is arranged in groups,There is a gap between each other.The small touch in the gap does not cover the rays and can not be detected.The company is patented with multi axis angle coordinate system.A multi - angle ray emitted by a launcher to fill the shadow of the touch screen more thoroughly and carefully.And use the mathematical theory to weigh the touch points, and the idea and technology are ahead of the market.