The Star-Scattering-like IRMT solutions

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      Where there is a touch functioin demand, there is IRMT Inc.; where there is is IRMT Inc., there is infrared touch solutions. Asia, Africa, America, Europe, you name it, every land you place your feet, you can catch the sight of IRMT; Industry, Commerce, Military, Medical, Science, Education, Culture, Health, Intelligence,every single field you search into, You will find IRMT solutions – IRMT is everywhere in all places and industries.

      With the above words still echoing, IRMT rounds up a new project solution into its cases, the case of New Taipei City Library. Following the trend of informationization, digitalization and intellectualization, Xinbei City Library has moved the borrowing process onto big screens.


      Choose your favorite category, click on the photo, slide around retrieving books desired, and then place your smart terminals (such as mobile phones, iPads, Kindles, etc.) on top of the pillar-shaped sensing area in the front of the screen, click the download or borrow button, just with those few simple steps, you can finish the borrowing operation all by yourself.

      A cool experience, isn’t it? What makes it cooler is that this screen can be operating with more than one person, simultaneously and without any interference.It supports up to 30 even 40 people borrowing at the same time. The book borrowing system consists of two sets of splicing large screens, each of which is composed by two-rows-and-two-columns-spliced, 3.5mm-seamed 55-inch LCD screen together with infrared multi touch screen.

      Has any interests rising when reading the case? Would you like to have a similar Interactivevideo wall in your exhibition hall? Do you want to add the same solution to your corporate image wall? Or would you like to involve such a function in your intelligent child education systems? Turn to Shanghai Jingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (, the infrared touch screen and borrowing system in the above case are provided by this company. It is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property, dedicated to the development, production and sales of infrared touch products and software. Holding its first-class research and design team, well-known brand IRMT, more than ten years of industry experience, Shanghai Jingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. stays ready  7/24/365 to provide you with the best solution needed.

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