55-inch 2 * 6 LCD splicing touch screen applied in Zhangjiagang Cultural & Sports Center

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      A cultural and sports center is the main front and the major window of public services local. It is also the place for propagating culture and art, carrying out cultural exchanges and inheriting the humanistic spirit. In order to better serve its citizens, Zhangjiagang Cultural and Sports Center invited recently a 55-inch 1.8mm seam 2*6 horizontal LCD splicing screen video wall endowed with 10 points point to point touch capability by overlaying an infrared touch frame.


      The large interactive touch video wall above greatly enhanced the charm of the Center and was highly praised by the public. On the one hand, the video wall can be used as a media for notifying the live information and the latest activities,  poviding the convenience for people to know of the relavant states. On the other hand, the interactive touch function over the video wall plays a role of a bridge drawing closer a distance between the Center and the citizens since the public could access to and learn more about the Center simply throuh some single fingertip movements.

      The infrared touch frame overlaying the video wall was supplied by Shanghai Jingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2008. It is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of infrared touch frames, has strong technological research strength and rich industry experience, commites to continuously creating cutting-edge products and first-class services for customers, providing products and solutions including "touch splicing screen, infrared touch frame, splicing touch frame, custom touch screen, touch splicing frame, large size multi-touch” . By now, the company's products have been widely used in monitoring, advertising, media, radio and television, electricity, finance, transportation, hotels and other fields etc.

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