Application of infrared touch frame in Minhang middle school

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      The new semester, the new start, the new expectation! Minhang middle school as an excellent example, every student's growth task is not light, carrying parents, teachers, parents and the whole society's high expectations.

          In recent years, Minhang middle school has been trying to combine career education practice with students' self development process, guiding students to link life development with their personal learning, and to emphasize the stimulation of learning drive.

          Minhang middle school has deepened the reform and practice of education. With the help of scientific career test and comprehensive career education and practice, students from personality, values, interests, needs and potential aspects about yourself, accept yourself, will today care about "fashion, popular with the opposite sex, psychological safety, network game, school choice and other issues, to guide the sublimation of science career, career and career growth of thinking up.

          Through characteristic and professional art education, physical education, science and technology and creative education, and career education program, we construct a series of school curriculums that meet the personality development of career education and life development, and serve lifelong learning and development.

          At the same time, we use modern technology and traditional architectural style to form a display wall. We use modern technology to show the history and awards of Minhang middle school.

          The display touch screen of Minhang high school hall is made up of 4 pieces of screen stitching. It matches the real multi point infrared touch box made by our company to achieve high accuracy multi person simultaneous interactive touch.

          Shanghai Jingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (IRMTouch Inc), as a high-tech enterprise with leading infrared multi touch technology, is fortunate enough to cooperate with friends in the industry to provide innovative products for Minhang middle school that focuses on scientific and practical education.

                IRMTouch is constantly challenging itself. At the same time, it is good at heart, diligent, dedicated and dedicated to provide customers with better products and perfect services.

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