IRMT touch screen appears in the “Belt and Road” Country Assembly

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      Jamon, Bulgarian Rose spray, Mongolia horse leather bag... Yes, we are now standing in the merchandise theme exhibition area of the "Belt and Road" Country Assembly. IRMT infrared touch screens scattered here in the hall gives you the demonstration of culture, history, economy, tourism, foods etc. from over 20 countries around the world.


      The exhibition area is located in the Senlan Commercial Mall in Pudong New District. Every interactive area alongside the hall is embeded with IRMT touch screen. 55 inch LCD 2 rows 3 columns horizontal integration with the seam at 1.7mm, 32 touch points without blind area, together with interaction software, IRMT provides you multi-dimensional and immersive touch experience.


      The "Belt and Road" Country Assembly is a supporting activity of CIIE. Nearly 20 countries (regions) including Australia, Chile, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Portugal, Malaysia and Spain gathered and exhibit hundreds of thousands of commodities in the 7000 square meters area.

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      As always, the appearance of IRMT touch screen in the "Belt and Road" Country Assembly counts on its high quality and good “word of mouth”. Up until now, with its true 32 touch points, TUIO support, designation and fusion technique, IRMT leads the industry at 300 inch touch screen and the sizes above. Furthermore, IRMT ‘s leading technology and algorithm, first-class R&D team, patents received domestic and international, CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001 certification, and the efficient after-sales service guarantees the good quality of its products and ensures the excellent touch experiences for its customers.


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