The 600 Inch Touch mirror wall is unveiled at the Shanghai history museum

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        As the first landmark museum to reflect the historical development of Shanghai City, the news of the opening ceremony attracted the attention from all walks of life. Many people are up early in time for the first time to see history museum face, enjoy the history of Shanghai. After several relocation, the museum finally has a stable home.

          The Shanghai Museum of history combed about 6000 square kilometers of administrative divisions in the past 6000 years. Such a great exhibition task can not be ignored without the aid of high-tech means, but only the infrared multi touch screen.

          Walked into the lobby, the eye is a "mirror wall. This strange "mirror wall" can allow visitors to touch, click, query, in the virtual, dynamic and static interlaced history, more impressive is the simultaneous accommodation of 30 people interactive operation without interference! Chinese and English language can also be free switching, especially warm heart is specially added "children angle of view" option, knot The perspective of children is perfect for the past 6000 years.

          When the children select the menu, all the content on the screen will be free - falling, the gorgeous picture is perfect in front of the children, and it is easy for the children to look up the content of the search. A little change, can let parents with children on warm, but also let the children away. After touching the screen, the history of coastal Shanghai, Yuan Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties, such as coastal evolution, town distribution, administrative area and so on, is in full bloom.

          The magic mirror wall is arranged in order by High Definition LCD screen splicing screen, the screen body is fitted to the mirror glass, the 600 inch infrared multi touch frame is embedded, and the 6 PC signal is used to display the complete picture, and the touch is accurate and does not interfere with each other. Such a shocking touchdown implementation should be undertaken by the industry expert, Shanghai Jingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

          Shanghai Jingyan electronics, as a high-tech enterprise which began to develop infrared touch control independently since 2008, is in the sense of "invitation" and "choice" for Shanghai calendar. It is also the responsibility of Shanghai. Shanghai calendar wall "magic mirror wall" once again Shanghai refined electronic infrared multi touch frame products of high stability and multi-functional and incisively and vividly, more to realize the reality of the great touch. We even expect that Shanghai Jingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will create more miracles for the touch industry.

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