Chengdu water rhyme Tianfu 15 meter super size infrared touch frame

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      In Chengdu Wuhou District Jiang'an River Street officially opened a large tourism project - "water rhyme Tianfu" urban leisure tourism district. This is the first large-scale tourism project built by Tianfu culture in Chengdu. It is also the first "panoramic" scenic spot created by Wuhou District to create "Wen Chuang Hou Hou" and plan "one city, one area, one port" project. Shanghai IRM Touch's 15 meter ultra large infrared touch screen is stable here, showing its strong scientific and technological strength.


      Into the "water rhyme Tianfu", "wavy" landscape devices with interactive hydrophilic facilities, the beauty of Shu Shui rhyme in the face. The middle of the building along the corridor to walk into the wood, the memory of the city exhibition show before, like entering a time tunnel. Chengdu family, migrant workers, seventy or eighty hairdresser shops, here, through the "city village" Museum, can feel the memory of time. When you are in the time corridor between modern technology and traditional culture, you can also visit nearly 500 old photos of Chengdu. When you touch the old pictures and recall carefully, when you slide the album to talk about memories, when you are excited, when you look for old memories in 500 old photos and sigh when time flies, have you ever wondered how this gorgeous scene is realized?

      This super - large infrared touch wall not only displays the image information of the old city 's memory perfectly, but also satisfies your curiosity. In front of her, you can touch and click, the image can be magnified, reduced, slid, dragged, and can be rotated at 360 degrees, and all the information is allowed to operate.

      The memory wall is made up of 36 55 inch high brightness liquid crystal splicing screens. Touch control is a 32 point real multi touch custom made by Shanghai IRM Touch customized 15x3 meter, which is customized to achieve touch interaction with customized software.

      The large touch screen interaction every 6 block is controlled by 1 sets of PC, the whole system is composed of 6 groups, you can drag any pictures between 36 pieces of the entire screen, click on the touch like nature itself photo wall effects, extraordinary experience.

      The touch wall shows the charm of old Chengdu, and it is the memory of a generation. Jinguancheng, heritage for thousands of years, have too many intriguing trail! Into this city, looking for a wall, a bridge, a street, a brocade, a cup of tea, a review...... You are looking for a history, a culture, a story, a picture, a poem... If you have a favorite picture, you can also save it to your cell phone or forward to a circle of friends through a WeChat scan.


      Ultra infrared multi touch screen Shanghai IRM Touch Technology Co. Ltd. of Chengdu "Tianfu water rhyme" (IRMTouchInc) has as an industry leader in infrared multi touch technology of high-tech enterprises, have been blessed with many first-class industry friends repeatedly cooperation, such as "water rhyme Tianfu" for the general public, such for society, we display high-tech pavilions provide innovative products. Shanghai IRM Touch is constantly challenging and surpassing itself. At the same time, it is diligent, diligent, dedicated and dedicated to provide customers with better products and perfect services.

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