People's network of large new media interactive broadcasting and control center

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      In September 26th, the people's network of large new media interactive broadcasting and control center was completed and put into trial operation. The broadcasting control center is divided into three regions, East, South and West.
      The interactive display system, the multimedia monitoring system and the technology monitoring system will become a multi angle and panoramic display of the online content of the people's website, the development of the people's network and the integration platform for all the technology monitoring.

      The construction of the broadcasting control center is the first one in the network media, and it will also be a beautiful scenery that the visitors will see when they visit the people's network in the future.

      The main TV wall on the south side of the platform is made up of 27 46 inch super narrow side mounted display screens. With multiple screen splicing processors, various display modes can be set up, which will serve as the home page, the foreign language version and the home page of the people's website, and the monitoring and exhibition area of the local channel homepage.

      The multimedia monitoring system and interactive display system which is composed of 4 blocks of 46 inch LCD screen, using infrared multi touch mode large touch screen, is currently the longest multi touch screen, the picture and video drag, zoom, rotate, the interactive display area become a highlight of the broadcasting center.

      The 12 of 40 inch LCD screens on the west side, together with the VGA matrix and multi screen output server, can display 12 channels of technical monitoring signals at the same time, and monitor the network traffic of the people's network 24 hours.

      The configuration of the display platform at the top of long LED logo, can display text, electronic clock, date, time, pictures and other information, you can set a variety of display screen scroll mode.    

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