Customized U-shape interactive video wall case in Taiwan

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      Last month, we flied to Taiwan for installing this infrared multi-touch frame for our client.This Giant U-shape interactive video wall used 5 projectors for displaying, and we customized a perfect U-shape infrared multi-touch frame for them. Via our integrating technical support, only one computer finally needed for controlling the whole giant interactive U-shape wall.

      In the beginning, our client wanted to make a creative space for their employees' relaxing, playing and communicating in their company entrance hall. They designed to make the whole space displayable and interactive. They shared this idea with us, and stressed the importance of the smooth and stable interactive function was needed.


      It did have some technical difficulties. The traditional 4 bar structure in the middle part of this U-shape wall would break the visual and displaying integrity. Therefore, we faced the first problem, how to keep the integrity and makes the interactive function perfectly integrated with display wall? And the second problem comes soon. In our client design drawing, the size of interactive video wall reaches 673 inches. Although we got rich experiences for such special cases, we only did 610inches at largest before this case.  Making the infrared frame larger but keeping the stability and accuracy, and trying to keeping the design and protecting the display integrity, all these need technical breakthrough.


      Our R&D team, sales and production colleagues sat down together, discussed, tested the sample again and again. Finally, we successfully worked out a solution. An astonishing 673inches infrared multi-touch frame with 2 bar structure was chosen.

      By our own infrared algorithm (with patent), this solution kept customer's design and guaranteed the touch accuracy. It was a great achievement for us. Now this 673inches interactive projection wall shouldering the employee relaxing and company culture introducing function.

      On the road of satisfying our clients, IRMTouch always put ourselves in clients' shoes, understand their needs, work hard and search for breakthrough.

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