District Leaders come to my company's investigate work

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      In March 6, 2018, Mr. Shen, director of the Minhang District people's Congress in Shanghai, came to IRMTouch field research. The director of the Jiangchuan street work committee, the head of the office of the Jiangchuan office, the head of the social security center, the head of the water affairs, and the general manager Zhang general accompanied the investigation.

      During the research period, Mr. Shen and his colleagues came to the R & D department and the workshop for on-site inspection, and detailed understanding of the actual problems of our company.

      In a forum with leaders, Zhang also reports from the organizational structure, composition of employees, current development of enterprises, difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises, opportunities for development and concerns of employees in other fields. I hope that Jiangchuan street can carry out regular training lectures, improve staff skills and management knowledge, simplify business processes and improve work efficiency, especially simplify the procedures and conditions for residence permit and public rental housing for other employees.

      The introduction of our product research and development has been recognized by the leaders. Product research and development has been the top priority of the company. Continuous progress can not be separated from the unremitting efforts of the staff.

      After listening to our company's work report, leaders said that they would take the problems and difficulties back to the greatest extent and solve the difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises. At the same time, encourage the company to play the research and development advantages, improve the quality of production, and grow stronger and stronger with the development of the times.

      In the research work, our staff to listen to comments from the leadership at the same time, each one airs his own views and development. The guidance of this leader's visit shows the importance of the leadership to our department, and brings us the impetus to continue to work bravely! We will continue to innovate and develop more high quality products.

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