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      Hunan Museum - the supreme Hall of Hunan's history and culture, as the largest museum of history and art in Hunan, is the first national first class museum. After several years of reconstruction and expansion, it has condensed the painstaking effort of the provincial people for many years, and contains the inheritance of Hunan. In November 29, 2017, the Hunan Provincial Museum changed the traditional single way of presentation, combined with modern multimedia interactive way to tell the world about Hu Xiang's elegant and profound "Shu Xiang culture".

      Hunan Provincial Museum to build a new "Hunanese - History of Hunan Culture Exhibition" exhibition has attracted much attention, the exhibition is the use of "Interactive video wall", which contains the multi-ethnic cultural customs (2F multimedia exhibition hall, below).

      "Interactive video wall" by 55 inch 1.8 mm patchwork mosaic screen (vertical splicing 1*9), application software (provided by Shanghai Back and Rosta Ltd), large size customized strong light resistance free drive multi touch frame (32 point touch, fine by Shanghai IRMTouch Inc to provide). The magic wall (Magic Wall in order to show the crowd) of all ethnic groups, the Hunan area of Hunan province and other relevant information, display a number of people to smile, the national distribution province geographic area, visitors can click on the people at the same time with the magic wall (Magic Wall) interaction, query the national introduction, DNA system, and dialect video content. It is worth mentioning that when some viewers click on the Magic Wall to play the video, they can hear the corresponding video effects, and will not be interfered by other adjacent video and audio. What's more, many people will touch each other and interact with each other at the same time. (as shown below)

      At present, the Hunan provincial museum new to the majority of tourists do not like to experience and feelings, also obtained the tourists alike, I hope you have time to walk into the Museum of Hunan Province, feel the heart and soul of Hunan under the background of history and the deep humanity,at the same time,the "Magic wall" leads you to appreciate the different Hunan.

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