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      Suzhou energy revolution - smart grid Gallery: as one of the 2016 International Energy Forum change places to visit, the exhibition hall by the smart grid interactive media technology advanced, to the participants show the strategic conception of China's energy revolution, national Power Grid Corp energy transformation development of specific initiatives, and to explore the construction of Suzhou international energy development model of the city.


      The exhibition hall is a U type interactive space consisting of a 4*20 55 inch display screen. The theme is "time calls for energy change." Through the interpretation of "three aspects of three major challenges and solutions, China initiative", were about the human face of resource depletion, environmental pollution, climate warming three challenges; sustainable development of energy in the world: to build electricity as the core, for the characteristics of the clean energy system; put forward the Chinese energy development "the four revolution, a cooperation" of strategic thinking, and explore the global initiative building global energy Internet, to promote the clean and green way to meet the global demand for electricity.


      The 3 sides of the wall have interactive experience function at the same time, which can accommodate up to 60 people at the same time, and touch with the big screen at the same time, and inquire into the situation of clean energy development and utilization in every continent in detail.

      The exhibition hall was formally put into operation in October 29, 2016 and became an important publicity and exchange platform for Suzhou to build a "model city of international energy transformation and development".

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