The Expo Museum of super large infrared touch screen

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      In May 1, 2017, the Shanghai Expo Museum was officially opened to the public for the year.

      She not only shows the history of the Expo to the tourists, but also records the progress of the development of human civilization. The Shanghai Expo Museum is the first museum in China to cooperate with international organizations. She is not only a knowledge base of World Expo culture and innovation, but also a unique museum in the world to display the Expo theme in an all-round way. For such a large museum equipment is amazing. Shanghai Jingyan electronic ultra large infrared touch screen is properly in the Shanghai Expo Museum!

      When you step into the No. 3 exhibition hall, it is clear that the mark of the 1936 New York World Expo is the mark of the special Ryan dragon and Perry. In front of the model, the center of the hall is eye-catching with a 4800 x 1880 super large projection touch interaction table, which can help it achieve the human-machine interaction of the super large 16 touch box.Shanghai Jingyan Electronics (IRMTouch)Special provision。 Here you can feel the interlacing of sound and shadow, where you can read the past and the future of the Expo.

      When you continue to roam in the Shanghai World Expo Museum exhibition hall 8, when you stop in front of the wall super touch on the show "Expo star", when you lament the mystery of the universe of science and technology, the vast sky can be so vivid display in front of you, you may have thought is how to achieve it? This super large touch wall is not only a perfect display of the important image information from the 1851 to the present in World Expo, but also to satisfy your curiosity. In front of her, you can touch, click, image to switch, shrink, magnify, roll, all the information is left to you. The starry wall is made up of 15 55 inch liquid crystal splicing screens. Touchdown is made by Shanghai Jingjing Electronic Technology (IRMT) customized 10280*1214 touch point 32 touch with customized software to achieve touch interaction.

      The super touch interactive screen is controlled by 1 PC with 3 LCD screens, and equipped with scanning gun (the ground set up luminous ball). If you have your favorite pictures, you can send them to WeChat mobile by scanning. The whole system consists of 5 groups, of which the touch frame uses the allocation control mode to assign the signal to each host at the same time for touch interaction. The infinite sky, that World Expo has the infinite possibilities of the future, similar to the Cleveland Museum of art by big data technology star wall, historical data information gathered in World Expo for 160 years, and in the updated cloud, the formation of intelligent encyclopedic vast galaxy.


      An ultra large infrared multi touch screen for the Shanghai Expo MuseumIRMTouchAs a high-tech enterprise with leading infrared multi touch technology, it has been fortunate to cooperate with many top class industry friends to provide innovative products for exhibitions such as Expo oriented public and global exhibition. Shanghai Jingyan electronics technology is constantly challenging and surpassing itself. At the same time, it is diligent, diligent, dedicated and dedicated to provide customers with better products and perfect services.

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