S2 series of product advantages:

      1. free drive, plug and play, directly identified as HID device

      2. It has strong resistance to sunlight and can be used in the sun

      3. The software gets Microsoft driver authentication, and the stability of software security is high

      4. Built-in hardware diagnosis function, fast positioning problem

      5. Design of high reliability hardware connector

      6. strong structure, high strength, can be shipped in bulk

      7. low power consumption, no need for external power supply

      W series of product advantages:

      1. Customizing size according to customer needs

      2. The infrared touch frame can be used to customize the special-shaped structure

      3. Real multi touch, anti light performance, fault-tolerant design

      4. compound matrix principle, precision touch effect

      5. Support multi frame fusion touch, and single frame can be distributed to multiple host independent touch control

      6. the performance is stable, no daily complicated maintenance work is needed, and a large amount of after-sale service cost is saved for the system integrator.

      E series of product advantages:

      1. Real multi touch, no drift, no blind area

      2. Support multi point precise touch and writing

      3. The operation is sensitive and the immediate response is fast

      4. Suitable for the installation of horizontal display screen

      5. Support touch to wake up dormant PC

      6.Support Win 10/Win 8/Win 7/Win XP/ Linux/Mac OS/Android Equal operating system

      7, support the TUIO, Flash and other standard multi touch protocols

      8, excellent resistance to ambient light (normal use of the sun directly)

      9. High fault tolerance and stable performance of infrared tube